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Institutional portfolios face institutional challenges.

Amongst the many potential problems, boards are often faced with outdated investment policy statements, conflicts of interest, and strong and persistent personalities! Our process and professionalism aim to turn challenges into successful stewardship.

We act as a consultant for the board of trustees and work to address:

  • An Updated Investment Policy Statement is designed, implemented, and regularly reviewed
  • Regular reviews of investment allocation
  • Seamless distribution planning
  • Successful donations of securities or cash transfers to the fund
  • Education of and collaboration with Donors
  • Regular reporting of assets under management and presentation of performance
  • Fiduciary responsibility of board members is understood and upheld

We offer customized portfolios, for the specific need that are unique to each institution.

  • What are your institutions constraints?
    o   Time horizon
    o   Regulatory issues
    o   Spending policies
  • What are your institutions Return/Risk Objectives?
  • How does your institution play a role in the community and how can your fund complement that role?

Request for Proposals

If you haven’t narrowed your search down to the right advisors or if you are looking to replace an advisor, we want to be part of your search. 

Your RFP will be given the full attention of our high net worth consulting team. Would you like work with a prompt, professional and diligent team? [email protected]